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Strength & Conditioning

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PLU Strength & Conditioning Mission

Pacific Lutheran University Strength & Conditioning is a function of the Department of Athletics, and within these confines strives to decrease the risk of contact and non-contact related injury, improve the general athleticism of PLU varsity athletes, educate student-athletes on the value of life-long fitness, and maximize the natural talents of our student-athletes through the use of traditional and non-traditional strength and speed training.

PLU Strength & Conditioning and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Strength and Conditioning is for all intents and purposes a means to make athletes more efficient at sports movements. The strength and conditioning coach applies various training methods with the end result being a more refined athlete. A strength and conditioning coach is not to be confused with the sports medicine practitioner. While many strength coaches have knowledge of injuries and their prevention, all treatment and rehabilitation should go through the sports medicine staff.

The backbone of the PLU Strength & Conditioning Program is the bench press, squat, power clean and solid linear sprint technique. The movements of virtually every sport can be mimicked by these motions. The speed, volume, and load are manipulated to create workouts that are specific to each sport.

The strength and conditioning staff is responsible for all out-of season conditioning, weight training, and speed training. At the DIII level the strength and conditioning coach has the unique opportunity to coach athletes during the entire year provided equal opportunity is given to all athletes from all sports. However, in the offseason it is against NCAA regulations to report out of season workouts and results to the sport coaches. Sport coaches are also not to supervise or attend out of season training sessions.

Traditionally the Strength & Conditioning Coach at the collegiate level has both a bachelors and masters degree in exercise science. This coach will also be certified by all or one of the following bodies:

NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association)
CSCCa (Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association)
USAW (USA Weight Lifting)

Strength & Conditioning Program Hours

While studies show that the best training takes place during the hours of 2 and 5pm, the college schedule never seems to work that way. The primary hours of operation are 7am-5pm Monday through Friday. However, with proper planning any request can be met.

Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training (SAQ) is conducted 3X per week at 3pm in Memorial Gymnasium. All students are welcome, in-season athletes ARE NOT encouraged to participate.

Periodic Performance Testing is done a minimum two times per year, and a maximum of four times per year. The standard testing battery is 1-RM Squat, 1-RM Bench, Standing Vertical Jump, Standing Broad Jump, Pro-Agility Shuttle, "L" Drill, and 300 Yard Shuttle. Other tests can be done upon request. Updated team and all-time records are always available and posted in Names Fitness Center.

NOTE TO COACHES AND ATHLETES: Workouts can sometimes require specialized equipment and supervision. To avoid liability and injury issues please do not remove the equipment of the S&C Program from the Names Fitness Center. If you would like to schedule a session outside of normal hours please make arrangements with the Strength & Conditioning Coordinator.

Fitness Center Policies (Please ask for a complete list of rules and regulations at the front desk.)

  1. Obtain a medical checkup from your physician prior to participation.
  2. The use of all equipment is at the personal risk of the participant. 
  3. Weight belts should be use when lifting weights of 70% of max and higher.
  4. Please wipe your equipment with paper towels and disinfectant before and after use.  (Spray bottles and paper towels will be provided in the area.)
  5. Proper attire must be worn in this area during use, particularly shirts, athletic shoes (no flops or sandals), and athletic attire at all times.
  6. Participants must show respect for equipment and facilities at all times; spitting (including tobacco) in or defacing the facility will not be tolerated.
  7. Keep weight belt buckles away from the upholstery on all benches
  8. Return all weights to their proper racks when finished
  9. Any facility related injury or facility/equipment irregularity (malfunction) should be reported immediately to the coach/supervisor on duty.
  10. No food, gum, soda, cans, glass bottles are aloud in the weight room area.  Plastic water bottles are acceptable.
  11. Supervisors are not responsible for participants' personal belongings or lost or stolen items. Please leave ALL non-essential items at home or in your room.
  12. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the fitness center.
  13. Visitors are encouraged to check in with the Strength & Conditioning Coordinator for a facility walkthrough.
  14. Understand that on-duty supervisors have authority over all weight room conduct and use of equipment and may expel participants from the facility for failure to follow these instructions

 Squat Area

  1. Do not attempt using the squat rack without prior instruction.
  2. Do not perform squat exercises outside the squat rack except on the platform area.
  3. Use a spotter whenever necessary.
  4. Adjust safety bars and racks at the appropriate levels for your body height.
  5. Use collars or clips at all times.

Platform area

  1. Do not attempt cleans or snatches without prior instruction.
  2. Do not drop metal weights and bars on the platform (you may drop rubber weight plates over 10 kg on the rubber areas of the platform).
  3. Replace all metal weights to proper racks when finished.
  4. When performing power cleans and other "Olympic lifts" on the platform, remove all benches and obstructions prior to lifting.
  5. Minimize chalk and powder on the floors near the chalk bin
  6. Never attempt to spot a Olympic lift
  7. Use collars or clips at all times.