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Landon Packard, Baseball

Landon Packard, Baseball

Why did you choose PLU?

I chose PLU because it is a great academic school as well as one of the best baseball schools in the country.

What have you learned from your community outreach experiences?

I have learned that getting out and making a difference in the community is very rewarding and life changing.

What have you learned from your academic experiences? What sets PLU's academic programs apart from other universities?

PLU challenges me academically in more ways than I ever thought it would. What sets PLU apart from other universities is the way it prepares you for life after you graduate.

What has been the most important part of your experiences participating in an NCAA DIII athletics program? Why choose DIII?

The most important part of my experience participating in an NCAA DIII athletics program is the friendships I have made that will last a lifetime. I chose DIII because I felt it was the best fit for me.

How has PLU helped you discover and pursue your vocation?

PLU has helped me discover and pursue my vocation by offering classes that I have found quite interesting and by community service projects we have completed as a team. I am confident in the life I will live after I graduate from PLU.