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Football Serves Meals at Peace Lutheran Church

Football Serves Meals at Peace Lutheran Church

Written by Student Assistant Christian Bond

TACOMA, Wash. - Members from the Pacific Lutheran University football team volunteered their time and abilities to help the community at Peace Lutheran Church.

Service has always, and will always be an important part of being a member of the PLU football program. It's something that drew new head coach Brant McAdams to the position.

"The service mentality of Pacific Lutheran is part of what attracted me to this leadership opportunity," Head Coach Brant McAdams said. "It was great to see how quickly our guys jumped at a chance to serve the Tacoma community and how genuine they were in their service. At a time when we are gearing up for spring practices, these guys understand what kind of impact is most important."

On April 6, 12 members of the PLU football team participated in community service. Peace Lutheran Church offers meals to those in need. The team served those people in a way that you'd see if you were to go to a restaurant. Rather than people walking through a line to get their food, it was brought to them.

"It was an awesome experience being able to help those in need," Carson Barnett said. "I am extremely grateful for the opportunity for us to work with Peace Lutheran and was amazed at how great the people are there. I'm glad we were able to show love and care to others because that's what our program is all about."

"Serving the people of the Tacoma community was a truly humbling experience," Josh Duron said. "It amazed me that even though these people didn't have it as good as others, they were more friendly, kind, and grateful than most who are more privileged. Thanks to Peace Lutheran Church for the amazing program they run and for allowing us to be a small part of it."

The team spent time talking with those getting fed, gaining a better understanding for who they are as people.

"It was awesome not only to serve those who needed it in our community but also to get to connect with them, listen, and share about our lives," Matt Anthony said.

The team made time for some fun, singing a wonderful rendition of happy birthday to an individual.

"The best part about helping people is seeing the smiles we put on their faces and how much their day is made by such a simple gesture," Tim Gauthier said.

The Lutes wrap up spring practices on May 11 and open the 2018 season down in Thousand Oaks, California, facing California Lutheran University on Sept. 8.