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Men's Varsity 8 Places Second at Cascade Sprints

Men's Varsity 8+
Men's Varsity 8+

Pacific Lutheran placed second in an eventful men's varsity 8 race to highlight the rowers' day at the Cascade Sprints held Saturday morning on American Lake.

The men's varsity 8 race got off to a clean start, and the Lutes gained an early half-boat lead when the University of Oregon crew collided with the PLU boat, snapping the blade off Nathan Lee's oar in the seven seat.

Race officials recalled the crews and, after PLU replaced the blade, the race was restarted. PLU again took the early lead, and soon was joined by Western Washington as the two crews pulled away from the field. Western took the lead and extended it, going into the sprint to take first in a time of 5:57.28 on the shortened course. PLU held off a strong final sprint by Washington State, clocking 6:13.56 compared to WSU's 6:18.97.

Pacific Lutheran also placed second in the women's novice 4, finishing in a time of 8:10.44 compared to Puget Sound's 7:52.02.

The Lutes placed fourth in three other races: women's varsity 8, men's novice 4, and men's second varsity 4

"Like last week, the 8+s were strong today and our 4+s looked clean coming down the course," PLU head coach Thomas Schlenker said.

Because of injuries and illness, the PLU women's varsity 8+ had a new line-up this week. "With only one day on the water together, they rowed alongside our rival programs all the way down the course, finishing under six seconds from both other NWC programs and ahead of the SPU crew that beat us last week," Schlenker added. 

"Our 4+s were new lineups this week as well. Our women's varsity 4+ crossed the line second behind UPS, but beating Willamette, Washington State University, and Seattle U. Our men's varsity 4+ could not catch Washington State, Seattle Pacific, or Seattle U., but beat UPS by 22 seconds. Our men's novice 4+ was reassigned to race as our men's second varsity 4+. We finished fourth in that event but were only meters behind varsity crews who have been racing for years."

- PLU -