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Rowing Bragging Rights on the Line Saturday

Men's Varsity 8+
Men's Varsity 8+

A SATURDAY AT THE LAKE: It's the battle for college rowing bragging rights in Tacoma as Pacific Lutheran hosts Puget Sound in the annual Meyer Lamberth Cup on Saturday at American Lake. The event gets underway with an exhibition men's 4+ starting at 8:45, and after that come the two big races. The Meyer Cup featuring the men's varsity 8+ boats starts at 9 a.m., followed by the Lamberth Cup between the two women's varsity 8+ boats at 9:15. Also on the slate are races between the schools' second varsity men's and women's boats, followed by the annual alumni challenge.


8:45 a.m. - Men's Exhibition 4+
Coxswain: Caitlin Elrod
Stroke: Cody James Barton
3: Brennan Day
2: Brandon Allen
Bow: Cameron Kobes

9 a.m. - The Meyer Cup (Men's Varsity 8+)
Coxswain: Drew Johnson
Stroke: Kyle Schroeder
7: Nathan Lee
6: Steven Rystrom
5: Mitchell Brown
4: Gregory Charlie Johnson
3: Ryan Sundberg
2: Bryan Pascoe
Bow: Stephen Strom

9:15 a.m. - The Lamberth Cup (Women's Varsity 8+)
Coxswain: Nichole Fast
Stroke: Hallie Peterson
7: Elaine Olbertz
6: Taylor Brunstad
5: Rachel Kisling
4: Yvonne Garton
3: Savannah Schneider
2: Sarah Sorensen
Bow: Megan Miller

10 a.m. - Men's Second Varsity 8+
Coxswain: Ally Stillwell
Stroke: Kyle Schroeder
7: Nathan Lee
6: Cody James Barton
5: Brennan Day
4: Brandon Allen
3: Cameron Kobes
2: Henry Tolstedt
Bow: Ryan Sundberg

10:15 a.m. - Women's Second Varsity 8+
Coxswain: Alison Holzmann
Stroke: Hallie Peterson
7: Elaine Olbertz
6: Taylor Brunstad
5: Lorraine Hayden-Deskin
4: Abigail Smith
3: Savannah Schneider
2: Sarah Sorensen
Bow: Megan Miller

11 a.m. - Alumni Challenge

COACH'S CORNER: "Both UPS and our PLU Lutes are rowing cleaner and faster than we have yet this year," PLU head coach Thomas Schlenker stated. "The races should be good to watch. The weather is even supposed to be nice."

LAST YEAR'S RESULTS: Puget Sound maintained its recent run of success against Pacific Lutheran in the Meyer-Lamberth Cup, sweeping the Lutes in four cup races last season at American Lake. The UPS women's varsity 8 won the Lamberth Cup in a time of 7:40.4 compared to PLU's 8:20.4. In the men's Meyer Cup, Puget Sound clocked 6:48.6, followed by PLU's 6:59.2. Puget Sound also won the Mini Lamberth, Mini Meyer and the women's junior varsity 8+.

MEYER CUP HISTORY: The Meyer Cup dates back to the 1964 season, and though Puget Sound has won 10 straight, Pacific Lutheran still holds the all-time lead in the series with 28 wins compared to 19 for the Loggers. PLU has the longest winning streak in the series with 11 straight triumphs starting with the opening Meyer Cup in 1964 and ending in 1974. The Lutes also enjoyed an eight-race winning streak from 1993-2000.

LAMBERTH CUP HISTORY: The Lamberth Cup started in 1977, and like the Meyer Cup, has been in the possession of the Pacific Lutheran crew for the majority of its existence. The Lutes won the Cup five straight times from 1977-81, 14 straight times from 1984-97, and for three years in a row from 1999-2001 for a total of 22 wins. Puget Sound won the Lamberth Cup in 1982-83, 1998, and each year since 2002 for a total of 12 Cup victories.

AND A FEW AMENITIES: Forza Coffee will be available in the morning for supporters and a barbecue will be served as the races wind down, so see you all there.

- PLU -